Friday, 1 April 2011

Retro Petrol Day

It's a while since I had anything remotely interesting to put on to my blog - but I forgot last Wednesday!! GEM 106 our local radio station had a retro petrol day that means rolling back the petrol prices 10 years and you could buy petrol at a petrol station somewhere in the East Midlands for the nice price of 76p per litre! What happened? I was one of the lucky winners. Literally a case of being in the right place at the right time. Sam & Amy announced the petrol station just as I was approaching it on my way to work here in Loughborough. I drove down to the roundabout and charged back up the petrol station and I was car number 19! The first 106 cars got petrol. I filled up my tank for the princely sum of £23.53p wow woz I chuffed to bits!! The guys from the radio stopped to talk to me took a piccy of my till receipt and I'm now on the radio's web site displaying my receipt!! I'm still running my car on that petrol boy am I pleased. How lucky am I? Thanks GEM 106 for making my day - after all it was budget day too needed something to put a smile on folks' faces!!

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