Friday, 30 September 2011

Techni BitZ - Urghhhhhh!!!!

What is it with the world today and Techni BitZ?? I'm now beginning to feel like a grumpy old woman!! Yes only now and yes hopefully only a temporary arrangement!!

Everyone seems to communicate mostly via mediums such as this these days. Where I work all the students appear to have a mobile 'phone permanently glued to their ear or earphones connecting them to a shiny Ipod and prancing about the streets like a thing possessed - blissfully unaware of the general public such as myself - who are trying to decide whether they should move to the left or to the right to dodge the said electogeek in front who appears to be suffering from St. Vitus' Dance!!

And what is it with these massive slabs of technology with thousands of words emblazoned across a screen?? Years ago one found such books in the "Large Print" section in the library - the books were still the same size just enormous print - so what was wrong with those I ask myself??

You can't beat a good old fashioned book and please Lord never let them disappear from our bookshelves - well they won't in my household - that's for sure! Those familiar pages with creases in the top corners where I "saved my place" for the next time I wanted to pick up my beloved book. Those Ladybird books which I still have from my childhood with my childish scribblings at my first attempt to write my name or draw a picture in it of "mummy, daddy, my brother and the household pets" blissfully unaware at the time that you just don't write in that book - you have blocks of blank pages called drawing books for that!!

You just can't replicate that type of stuff with today's technology and how big a shame is that - why?? Because when I pick up those same old Ladybird books and others which I now share with my own Children and Grand-children, they love to see my childish scribblings and marvel at the fact that I too was once their age and did "naughty things" or I too had to learn to write and draw like them. Electronic gismos can't replace the giggles and the smiles we have at those childish scribblings or those memories that I delight in relaying to my off-spring and their off-spring and never will - please!!!

What am I talking about - good old family stuff - like enjoying one another's company, being together, having fun, reminiscing and yes heaven forbid - actually opening mouths and talking to another human being instead of a cold lump of electronic gadgetry that has no soul, empathy or warmth!!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Making Each Day Count

Having reached the twilight era of my life I daily count my blessings. I don't know if it's just me but I am more aware of things around me more than ever. These last few months we seem to have been rewarded most evenings by glorious sunsets and sunrises in the mornings. Although I have been happily snapping away with my camera I don't seem to be able to quite capture the moment on film but in my mind it will always be there. On top of that we appear to be going into a most glorious Autumn. Having visited Batsford Arboretum in the middle of The Cotswolds at the weekend I can't wait for October when Autumn will be fully upon us. I've just attached a few pics to enjoy this glorious season. We are so lucky in the U.K. to experience the changing Seasons. Having spent some time in Malaysia recently a country I have come to enjoy very much, nothing can compare to the U.K.'s

changing seasons and they never cease to amaze me. Enjoy.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Camera Fights

Having read No. 1 son's blog regarding the purchase of a new wide angle lens for his toy - I need to remind him that we have shared the purchase of said wide angle lens ('cos the cost was a bit steep!!)and I will have to fight for the use of said wide angle lens it would seem!! He has the same camera as me and we are now locked in battle re bigger and better pics!! I of course favour my shots and he of course will also favour his mother's shots if he knows whats good for him. Particularly if he is going to go shares with any other pricey lenses - so watch out son - let battle commence!! A few 1st time efforts with the shared lens - got a lot to learn but that what it's all about!! Enjoy.

As I have loaded these I am reminded of how blessed I am to be able to capture the sight of these wonderful skies and sunsets we have here in England. Hubby, no.1 son and I often walk the dog close to home and very rarely see many other people out and about. It's sad to think that people just forget the wonderful outside we have and all too often get closeted indoors and miss these wonderful sights. I am truly grateful for mine and the World in which I live. Take time out folks and just walk somewhere, look up and around and down and sit a spell and enjoy the world you live in you may miss something quite extraordinary if you don't. Just have a little peek inside this photo shoot and imagine what it could be like!!

Homeward Bound ~ Terrible Twos!!

Well my blog posts are late that's because I'm still catching up on UK time. I had a great last night before I flew back to the U.K. but oh my Lord the most horrendous last leg of the journey from Dubai to Birmingham please never to be repeated!! I consider myself a very long-suffering tolerant sort of person but on that last leg of 6.5 hours didn't get a wink of sleep. After leaving at 2.a.m. in the morning, one feels one should get some shut-eye surely not too much to ask - but not to be. A group of 4 ladies had a group of children age ranges from about 6 months up to 13!! I unfortunately happened to be sitting next to the ladies with the terrible 2 year old toddler and the 10 month old!! Both of whom decided they were not going to do ANYTHING that was asked of them no seat belts, no playing with the glove puppets oh so kindly donated by the cabin crew, not do any colouring in fact were not going to co-operate at any level thus screamed and bawled and literally threw a tantrum at every possible opportunity!! Boy did I want to give the terrible two year old a slap across the backside!!

Was it me I asked myself, am I the only one who can hear all of this?!! Apparently not since the 5 occupants closely aligned also to said terrible two child were like me continually walking up and down the aircraft as far away as one could possibly muster out of reach of monster!! & I've never visited the aircraft toilets so much in my life!! Even the air hostess commented that us "5 folks were singing remarkably loud along to the music in our headphones - must be good music she said!!" I nearly choked on my airline meal!! The guy in front of me said he had just been on a 14 hour flight across from Aussie and it wasn't anywhere near as bad as the 6.5 hour journey we had just encountered! Boy did we exit the aircraft in double quick time!! At least I have 100's of other far pleasanter memories to dwell on and now at last my ears have stopped ringing and I don't find every child I see or hear is actually bawling!! Such a sweet little soul he was too!!

Farewell Malaysia

My time here is almost done and I have had the most rewarding business trip. Really exciting. In the one or two days I've had to spare I've loved the culture; experienced every type of food from Thai to a Big Mac Malay style; been treated like Royalty in the hotel (they upgraded me because I've been in the hotel so much!!) and met some amazing new friends from around the World from Australia to Ireland, Singapore and beyond. Extremes of heat beyond belief and the most interesting warm rain and fantastic lightening storms. Just a few pics here on my last full day and time to jet home all 15 hours of it!!

This is a herbal tea bar on Petaling Street (China Town) in KL

Included in these shots are pics of my fabulous hotel bathroom - check out the marble sink and shower cubicle ace!! & the King size bed which I got lost in many a time.

The teddy-bear bouquets were something I had not seen before but thought they were really neat so of course pic had to be taken!!

Last but not least shots of the amazing night sky views from my hotel room. I guess some might think ugh a concrete jungle but when it's all lit up it quite takes the breath away. The Petronas Towers never ceased to amaze me and I think it is one of the most beautiful modern day wonders of the world.

Ah well U.K here I come. Even on the last day in Malaysia which was National Malaysia day the hotel staff put an orchid in my room and I thought that was such a lovely personal touch. Hope to be back some day again soon.