Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Political Correctedness - Who Decides??

Hearing & reading daily about contentious political correctedness issues and given to discussion with the Millionaire I want to know who decides what and what isn't politically correct and how on earth did it start?? Being slightly ignorant on this I'm given to understand that it started in the U.S but can't confirm that - that's not the point! My point is someone, somewhere, came up with this ridiculous issue which has now become a major headache all across the globe to my mind! Who started it off and who are they, he or she to assume that they are correct in in their findings? Were they a Prof or a Dr in some specific field; if so why does everyone think that the findings he, she or they came up with are right - why has no one questioned their view or their report or their findings! or even challenged the things that are now constantly coming out? At the end of the day it is that person's or groups personal view so who is to say they are right - how do we know they are right - why are we assuming they are right? After all they could be horribly wrong but no one has questioned the theory - well it would seem not because of the way we have to live now!! Why are we following everything like sheep and producing mountains of paperwork (to support this theory & findings) that people give up on after the 1st page because it is too ridiculous for words any longer!! What makes that person or group so superior to the rest of mankind that now everyone is agreeing with it and going along with everything that has come out of this ass called Political Correctedness! I agree that there had to be some modicum of understanding and fair play, particularly with race matters, serious crimes against humanity etc., but I seriously think this whole matter is spiralling out of control and no-one seems to be brave enough to step up to the bar and say "hang on a minute" let's just stop and see what's happening! This whole animal has spilled over into religion, politics, race and anything else where people see and think fit to question every move that is made or every word that is spoken. We as a people can no longer live a normal carefree life without fear of retribution or backlash and are having to constantly look over our shoulders "just in case" that's no way to live for any of us!! That's not life that's imprisonment of the worst kind - i.e. no freedom of will or speech any longer and no individual or democratic opinion which can be voiced freely or openly.

We have the same ridiculous approach with Health & Safety to the extent that it has become laughable and it is hardly appropriate to breathe in someone's elses space!! Our kids are wrapped in cotton wool to the extent that they are smothered, cannot live a free and happy life with lots of laughter and fun in it. My grandson forbidden to throw snowballs - just in case, no longer allowed to build snowmen - what!! what the hell is that all about?? Come on get a life someone this is imprisonment of the worst kind. We are afraid to step outside of our door now for fear of litigation and all that it may bring. For goodness sake please someone call a halt to this madness that the World is spiralling into before we end up killing ourselves with total bureaucratic clap trap!!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Beautiful Moon

Took these pics on a beautiful moon-lit night last week. So bright didn't need lights on - bombers moon - as they say! We are so lucky, fantastic sun by dawn & evening and the skies we get with that and then blessed by the lovely moon at night, hard to think man landed on it all those years ago and we're still down here just admiring it's brightness. On second thoughts it's perhaps better that way and civilisation as we know it is not polluting that environment as well.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Harbingers of Spring

Thought I'd post a few pics as harbingers of Spring. What a glorious weekend with flowers opening up to the warmth of the sun. What a difference the sun makes both to Nature and the human population. Everyone seems brighter, happier and laughing a lot more just because the Sun's appeared - me included. We were also busy putting up new bird nesting boxes and clearing out the old ones. I've added some pics., of the remains of a Wasp nest. They decided to rent out one of the bird boxes and you can see the results of their nest building. Quite extraordinary that something so tainted with a bad image of stinging and an unwelcome visitor, can create something so exquisitely symmetrical and beautiful all with their own little mandibles. We humans know nothing!!

Meanwhile enjoying the flowers and looking forward to seeing more, love the Spring time - just need to get pics of little lambs. The sheep in the field next to me have not produced any yet but they must be almost here so watch this space!!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Birthday Bites

Not blogged for a while - busy, busy. Had a great Birthday this week notable age joined the 60's club, but in my mind still 20 and want it to remain that way. My birthday was ushered in with a snowy weekend beforehand and lots of feathered friends saying thanks for feeding them. Attached a few pics to make you smile or say "Aah" at. Lots of lovely presis, flowers, cards, ate too much pigged out on lovely cake and counting the cost of over-calorising (if there's such a word.) Spent the birthday with special people such as my Mum, 87 and still going strong, who you see me standing with in one of my pics. Without her I would'nt be here being able to introduce you to a small window of my world - thanks to her and all the Mums across the world.

Monday, 23 January 2012

English Landscape

Just thought time for some more pics. Took these after a very pleasant walk with the dog Saturday afternoon/evening. The sky was very dramatic and was changing every few seconds. No wonder Constable loved painting our English countryside - so do I but wish I had half his talent!!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Reflections on Life

No blog to-date very lapse this week, but wasn't sure I had anything remotely interesting for folks to read. Then upon reflecting on my drive into work this morning I thought maybe I have after all. As a notable birthday approaches (60) :)next month I had cause to reflect on what life was like when I entered it in 1952 and beyond!! I can't believe how much change I have seen in my lifetime - mostly technological, but nevertheless something I think I now take for granted. These are some of the things that have come into my life almost without fanfare. Those of you a lot younger than me may not remember some of them, certainly not the people, and other things are probably items you heard about in your history lessons!! Lordy that makes me sound old but here goes!

Babies delivered by the local mid-wife. Common then. Hospital births were uncommon and only if your mother to be had complications!! No epidurals, just maybe some gas and air but generally nothing, just the usual hot towels and water and a lot of grunting and groaning!!
Cars were a rarity only one in our Close when I was growing up and that was a Ford Zephyr very grand! Usually without a radio and occasionally a heater, only luxury models had heaters!! Indicators were orange "arms" that came out of the car's side structures not lights on the front and rear. Hand signals were in greater use then whilst driving.
Steam vehicles still in general use.
Steam trains went out, Diesel & Electric came in - that WAS a shame!! and we lost a lot of our local rail tracks - thanks Mr. Beeching!!
Black and white television only (which we didn't have until I was 12 years old). One BBC TV station and only at certain times throughout the day with the "testcard" showing when no programmes were on. No regional TV at all.
No commercial radio only BBC.
Pirate radio stations i.e. Radio Caroline broadcasting from the high seas -late 50's early 60's what fun I had tuning into an illegal radio station in my youth!!
Only Banks & the Post Office savings, not Building Societies as we know them today.
New forms of street lighting.
Telegraph wires and poles disappearing and underground cabling used instead.
Battery farming for hens was to be the new vogue - Ugh!
New farming methods sweeping across the country i.e. Prairie fields and scrubbing out of hedgerows and trees with huge combine harvesting machines.
No such thing as a mobile telephone.
Telephone exchanges operated by ladies (whom you spoke to), with headphones who plugged you into other parts of the country when you wanted to phone somewhere other than where you lived. We did not have a telephone in our home until I had left home and was married at 20!!
Dialling codes were not in place (i.e. STD - Subscriber Trunk Dialling).
Post was delivered at least twice a day and sometimes on the same day.
Computers as we know them today did not exist. Lap tops were not invented.
Windows and any form of I.T software package did not exist for the general public.I.T. was not a common word nor occupation!
Computers operated in binary form, took up vast rooms, were several feet high & had massive tapes on wheels that spun around and around recording data.
Potato crisps were usually only "Smiths", with the little blue salt bag in them, generally plain, occasionally salt and vinegar. I remember when Cheese and Onion flavour came out, boy was that exciting. Oxo crisps made by Chipmunk was the only other flavour available and they were my favourite.
The baker delivered bread, the milkman delivered milk, the fizzy drinks man delivered drinks, the greengrocer delivered greengroceries!
Rag & Bone men collected rags and scrap from our door.
The man came around to sharpen knives, scissors and garden tools on a bike type machine with a "stone" on it for sharpening.
We bought proper wooden pegs from Gypsies who came to the door and she would read our palm if we crossed her palm with silver. If we had no money then she would give us a sprig of Lavendar for good luck.
The package holiday did not really exist for "Jo public".
Sweet rationing was still in place as a remnant from the 2nd World War.
Money was in pounds, shillings and pence. Decimalisation came in much later.
We had milk in the mornings at school provided by the Government but still had to pay milk money to the school every Monday morning. It was considered an important role to be "milk monitor" to issue the milk to your fellow pupils and collect the money to give to teacher!
We always had to have a front and back light when riding our bike otherwise we would get into trouble with the local policeman and always had to light them up at night or would get into even bigger trouble!
Saturday morning pictures for children at the cinema only used to cost 6d (2 1/2 pence).
Man landed on the moon and I was allowed to sit up and watch it. Space wars developed between Russia and the U.S.A to see who could build better and bigger and so on.
Space travel became a key feature over 20 years or so with various changes, the first monkey in space, the first dog in space, then man and then sending up the space station, now probes to Mars and other planets - remarkable!
Donald Campbell lost his life in Bluebird, after creating a great World Speed Record.
Marilyn Monroe was making a name for herself and then found dead - very suspicious!!
Judy Garland was a famous film star.
President Kennedy was assassinated, then other Kennedy's lost their lives -what a cursed family, how sad.
The Cuban crisis.
The age of Nuclear & the War fears. First Nuclear Power Stations being built. Ban the Bomb marches.
The "Cold War".
Oil & Gas rigs being built and towed out to the North Sea - massive gas & Oil explorations.
Flower power.
The Beatles and the fabulous 60's what a great time to be in - peace man!!
The Vietnam War.
Martin Luther King was assassinated.
Elvis Presley died.
Nelson Mandela incarcerated.
The Torrey Canyon Disaster
The Berlin Wall - all the history & numerous deaths associated with it.
The Falklands War and all the wars that are still going on!!
The fish (or Cod) war, miners strikes, power cuts in the U.K. and Margaret Thatcher the first female Prime Minister.
The Profumo Affair and Government scandals going on even then - nothing much has changed!!

The list is endless now I think about it probably all out of context too but that's what reaching 60 does methinks? How lucky am I to have been a part of history in the making? I must try to write it all down before I forget it! I bet some of you remember some of these things too and probably even more, isn't life amazing? Treasure those memories and remember to tell your family about them - you are their link to their history classes and their earlier generations - without you they wouldn't be here!!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Nature's upperhand

Still getting a battering from the high winds around this Country, blasted by driving rain mixed with blue skies - what is happening to our weather? Despite the howling winds, lashing rain it's still unseasonably mild! I know you're gonna say Global Warming!! Nature still has the upper hand though, she manages to throw everything at us and has managed to grind several counties to a halt - what a surprise - not through snow this year but with vast amounts of fallen trees across major roads causing all sorts of mayhem!! We may think we are very clever humans especially with technology spiralling out of control but when we get down to basics - Mother Nature still thrashes the pants off us all!! What a clever Mummy - now whose boss!!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Guarantee Puzzler

I was very lucky to be given a nice zoom/macro lense as a Christmas present to add to my growing collection for my sassy new camera. Boxing day I tried out the macro feature snapping everything from Christmas tree baubles to flowers and bumble bees would you believe in December in the garden. Great, however when using it again whilst showing it proudly off to my mother found the lense would not come off. Try as I might it had stuck fast. Taking it back to retailer whom were only too proud to announce had not seen anything like this before couldn't help!! I took it to another branch in Derby, more helpful but still could not help. If they could didn't know who to send it to anyway since both the camera and lense were under different guarantees!! Would one invalidate the other?? In the end I was left to attempt to resolve the problem. Which I did by ringing the manufacturer who were very helpful in solving said problem!! They would repair the camera but as the lense was not their manufacturer I may still have to pay something!! Talk about piggy in the middle. Seems guarantees are fine so long as you don't have two on the go which contradict each other and to add to all the pain and suffering I've had to go through in sorting out this muddle - I've now got to wait for up to 6 weeks for them to repair it!! Customer sorts out problem 10/10 - Customer service from retailer 2/10 and manufacturer 5/10!! Not fit for the purpose springs to mind and I'm not talking about the lense which has jammed!!

Colder in than Out

I looked forward to returning to work because I enjoy my job so much. Today however sitting at my computer complete with hat, scarf and coat - virtually alone I am wondering who is the plonker here?? Methinks perhaps I should have taken the rest of the week off like the rest of the staff here. The heating in my part of the building is not on yet we seem to have a boiler problem. Dedicated staff member that I am working like a demon on the keyboard to keep myself warm, I think perhaps one can only type for so long to boost one's temperature! Ah the joy of modern technology - so long as it's working O.K!

It's warmer outside here in our unseasonably mild winter than in, so I feel a walk coming on to boost the circulation and enjoy Nature's finest!!