Sunday, 9 January 2011

Countryfile, Countryside & Camera

Does anyone else out there watch Countryfile?  What a great programme that is filled with snippets of information I never knew, like how many rare breeds of cattle there are, how poultry farmers are under threat from EU regs.,  new nature reserves being set up right beside one of the busiest motorways in Lancashire and what migrating swans eat in the Winter - potatoes of all things!!  Adam one of the presenters of the programme is the farmer breeding rare cattle and we got drawn into the vet's testing of his cattle herds for bovine TB.  The anxt we felt on his behalf when one of his herds were found to have the rotten disease now preventing him from selling the cattle for the breeding programme and only good for slaughter - all that love, dedication and financial loss - we don't know half what some of our farmers have to put up with.  If you're a nature lover good to watch this and learn!! 

Then on taking the dog for his walk, once again thanked my lucky stars for the world in which we live, the countryside I'm able to see and the company I'm with namely The Millionaire, No. 1 son and of course the dog - who has a mind of his own - no matter what commands he's given!  Fantastic moonlight, sunsets (forgot the camera AGAIN - oh but what joy discovered on fishing the camera out when I got in that it has special functions for Sunsets, Moonlight, Flower and Snow shots - all the things I take in abundance and didn't even know it had those functions, teach me not to read the mammoth instruction book - doh all those shots of these latest snowfalls, eclipses and sunsets agh!!!! )

Thankful for living in this part of the U.K. very underestimated & taken for granted by many - no I'm not saying where it is - don't want it changed - like it just the way it is!!

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