Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Gizmo, Geek & Grandma Part 2

Well the day dawned and on getting into work I switched on the computer and uh what's this??  In the bottom corner of my "desktop" screen (see I'm getting the lingo!!)  low & behold are 3 little bubbles with pictures on them and my computer is -  wait for it - talking to me and asks "do you want to scan" - where the hell did that come from?  No wait, its got to be something to do with the new scanner and the instructions that were "down" or was it "up" loaded yesterday?  Stupidly I talk back - (even more embarrassingly) - out loud - and say "no thanks".  What on earth am I doing talking to a machine - get a grip grandma for goodness sake!! Thankfully it didn't reply - I would have been really spooked!!  Thank goodness no one else was in the office at the time, so I shuffle a few papers and hit the escape key to stop "it" asking me questions!!

I finally pluck up the courage to try out said new scanner, carefully placing test copy on the glass after plugging the connector into the computer server (got that too now -  my I'm getting good at this) - but hang on a minute where's the plug for the scanner?  I search high and low.  Resorting to aforementioned Enclopaedia Britannica alias the manual (purely because I don't want to appear any more stupid than I already am by asking The Geek where's the plug!!) and finally after some time searching through said manual to find the basic page i.e. what bits should be in the box it came in - I discover there is no plug!  How the hell does it work I ask myself with no electrickery to power it??  Even more PDF (if you remember Pretty Darned Foolish) today!!  Still just try it by using the only lead that's here!  I press the PDF button as instructed yesterday (the only one I feel safe pressing at the moment) and guess what?  There is this almost indetectible swish and bravissimo a picture appears on my screen - upside down mind you - but there it is!!  So thanks for all of those kind readers - if I have any who carried out said prayer request and presented me with my first picture on my new scanner - couldn't have done it without you!!

I congratulate myself on a task excellently carried out and set about saving said document - just in case!!  New technology is a wonderful thing - but just how does it work without electrickery?  I just can't grasp that yet at all - don't think I'll venture down that route at this early stage!!

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