Saturday, 22 January 2011

The delights of KL

Lord Murugan Statue Batu Caves
Entrance to China Town
Some of my steamed breakfast just a few of several dishes we consumed!
My student friends who spoilt me today with me!
Chinese Temple with Chinese New Year Lanterns

KL in the evening from the hill top restaurant.

The delights of KL (as pictured)
are:  meeting up with student friends and having a really great day!
Well I think its a delight but my over-filled stomach has other ideas having tried Malay, Chinese, Indian & finally Western - couldn't eat another mouthful if I tried!
Experiencing the natural beauty in a forest park.
Looking out over this beautiful city both day and by night from a hill top restaurant and enjoying the company.
Visiting the Batu Caves climbing the 272 steps and seeing the Indian culture presenting their offerings to the 140 foot high Lord Murugan statue (although the smell in the caves is one I wouldn't relish returning to!).

Anyone lost a tortoise??
 Visiting China Town & a beautiful Chinese temple festooned with red lanterns for the Chinese New Year and its gardens with a tortoise (well terrapins really) how many??? pool. (Pic only shows one side of the pool there were twice as many on the other side!)

Finally returning to my room to have a steaming hot bath - absolute bliss!!

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