Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The wonder of science dentristy

Having swallowed a noticeable front tooth whilst enjoying the delights of a tropical fruit & nut selection over the Christmas period (not realising I was swallowing my tooth and not just a tough nut!!), I have to make efforts to replace the toothless smile with a "toothfull" smile!!  I visited a dental technician today with some trepidation recommended by an ex dental technician.  The establishment was tucked away in a backstreet underneath a very dark archway and behind a very non-descript door - unknown to many who would seek a dental technician out these days without the exhorbitant costs of being referred by the local dentist!!  The site that met my eyes was strange to say the least, four walls white washed from floor to ceiling, moulds on desks of various sets of teeth and plaster splashes in abundance!!  Reminded me of "the demon barber" initially but wondering if this nice man would turn out to be "a demon dentist technician" instead!!  I have to return tomorrow to have said tooth replaced in full resplendent glory and I will be able to smile again without a horrendous gap showing and I will be able to pronounce my "F's" without sounding like "Fl's"!! - ah joy!

The wonder of all this little exercise is that I met with him today, he informed me it will only take 30 mins., to build a new tooth and I can have it fitted tomorrow all within an hour!! In fact if he had'nt been booked up today (guess lots of others had also over indulged in tropical fruits & nuts over Christmas!!) I could have had my new tooth immediately!!

I have to say in today's world full of negativity and slaggings off - I find such science a miracle to be behold and I for one am glad to be a part of the 21st century - historial reminders of teeth being pulled and replaced with ugly pliers and no anaesthetic spring to mind!! 

 However -  if I don't return copies of my will are lodged with suitable family members!!

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