Friday, 21 October 2011

What a Wonderful World

Early morning, breakfast over, looking out the window and saw the most amazing sunrise this morning. The clouds were a mass of pinks, greys and stunning blues and I just sat in awe as the dawn started to break. Wake up Sue get the camera and capture this, although its never quite the same on a photo as the real thing but the memory will always be there. Darn it, camera never to hand when I need it time running out and the sky is changing by the minute. Eventually finding said piece of equipment I dashed outside to take these shots all of which only took 10 minutes but the sky changed so dramatically it was like a play unfolding before my eyes - amazing. Is it me or have we been more than blessed with an unusual number of the most gorgeous sunsets and sunrises this year than I can ever remember in my lifetime? Perhaps it's an age thing, you notice more when you get to this end of the life-cycle or what -and you appreciate every single day or perhaps in this case every few minutes as Phoebe (as my Dad always used to call the sun) peeps her head up above the horizon to welcome a new day? I hope I am blessed with an equally gorgeous sunset this evening. No wonder the ancients of this world worshipped the sun I can understand them being in awe - truly amazing. Readers I hope you enjoy a little of what my amateurish capturings have achieved. Don't we live in a truly wonderful world??

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