Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Blackberry Preferences

Everyone seems to have a Blackberry these days or sends me messages indicating that it was sent from a Blackberry. How ridiculous is that? Blackberries can't do things like that - well not the ones I know anyway. Mine are like the ones in my pics. Sweet, tasty and make fantastic pies when mixed with apples.

Where on earth did the inventors get the name 'Blackberry' from anyway and why is it called a blackberry?? Looks nor tastes anything like one!! Methinks I must be off this planet again.

I prefer my type apart from the prickles one has to encounter to get at them but it's worth it when you eat them in a pie with loads of Custard. Can't beat it. Give me back my natural blackberry at least it's reliable and not a danger to one's eyes (well only

if you duck the brambly bits that you have to fight back to get to the best berries!!), ears or general health and certainly a lot less stressful to handle!! Now back to my crumble - scrummy:)

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