Monday, 14 November 2011

Fair Highlights - Loughborough Town

Hi readers, well we braved the fair on a lovely evening - traditionally it's either very cold or very wet for the Loughborough fair - this year it was neither thankfully so it was a fun packed event. I tried out my camera saved a few but deleted even more - the advantage of digital, you can make lots of mistakes and you don't have 100's of unwanted pics cluttering up the loft!!

For those of you unfamiliar with the Loughborough fair, what makes it unique is that it sets up all around the town centre in the market place and surrounding the centre streets in amongst the main shopping thoroughfare. 100's of years ago when it first started this was probably O.K. but now with skyscraper high fairground attractions it makes the fair even more unique. They have to set up in surrounding car parks and side streets to avoid the buildings but that just makes it more interesting and daring should one wish to attempt a ride on the high flying sky attractions which just miss the roof tops and shop fronts by a hair's breadth!! Piccys attached to get some idea, but what a lovely evening was had, despite the grumpy young stall holder who insisted I take no pictures of his chocolate covered apples or his fondue arrangements - goodness knows why - nothing unique about it and I didn't want to anyway - the candyfloss stall was far more appealing and attractive to look at!! His loss 'cos didn't buy anything off

his chocolate stall - misery guts!!

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