Monday, 27 February 2012

Harbingers of Spring

Thought I'd post a few pics as harbingers of Spring. What a glorious weekend with flowers opening up to the warmth of the sun. What a difference the sun makes both to Nature and the human population. Everyone seems brighter, happier and laughing a lot more just because the Sun's appeared - me included. We were also busy putting up new bird nesting boxes and clearing out the old ones. I've added some pics., of the remains of a Wasp nest. They decided to rent out one of the bird boxes and you can see the results of their nest building. Quite extraordinary that something so tainted with a bad image of stinging and an unwelcome visitor, can create something so exquisitely symmetrical and beautiful all with their own little mandibles. We humans know nothing!!

Meanwhile enjoying the flowers and looking forward to seeing more, love the Spring time - just need to get pics of little lambs. The sheep in the field next to me have not produced any yet but they must be almost here so watch this space!!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Birthday Bites

Not blogged for a while - busy, busy. Had a great Birthday this week notable age joined the 60's club, but in my mind still 20 and want it to remain that way. My birthday was ushered in with a snowy weekend beforehand and lots of feathered friends saying thanks for feeding them. Attached a few pics to make you smile or say "Aah" at. Lots of lovely presis, flowers, cards, ate too much pigged out on lovely cake and counting the cost of over-calorising (if there's such a word.) Spent the birthday with special people such as my Mum, 87 and still going strong, who you see me standing with in one of my pics. Without her I would'nt be here being able to introduce you to a small window of my world - thanks to her and all the Mums across the world.