Saturday, 10 September 2011

Camera Fights

Having read No. 1 son's blog regarding the purchase of a new wide angle lens for his toy - I need to remind him that we have shared the purchase of said wide angle lens ('cos the cost was a bit steep!!)and I will have to fight for the use of said wide angle lens it would seem!! He has the same camera as me and we are now locked in battle re bigger and better pics!! I of course favour my shots and he of course will also favour his mother's shots if he knows whats good for him. Particularly if he is going to go shares with any other pricey lenses - so watch out son - let battle commence!! A few 1st time efforts with the shared lens - got a lot to learn but that what it's all about!! Enjoy.

As I have loaded these I am reminded of how blessed I am to be able to capture the sight of these wonderful skies and sunsets we have here in England. Hubby, no.1 son and I often walk the dog close to home and very rarely see many other people out and about. It's sad to think that people just forget the wonderful outside we have and all too often get closeted indoors and miss these wonderful sights. I am truly grateful for mine and the World in which I live. Take time out folks and just walk somewhere, look up and around and down and sit a spell and enjoy the world you live in you may miss something quite extraordinary if you don't. Just have a little peek inside this photo shoot and imagine what it could be like!!

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