Saturday, 10 September 2011

Homeward Bound ~ Terrible Twos!!

Well my blog posts are late that's because I'm still catching up on UK time. I had a great last night before I flew back to the U.K. but oh my Lord the most horrendous last leg of the journey from Dubai to Birmingham please never to be repeated!! I consider myself a very long-suffering tolerant sort of person but on that last leg of 6.5 hours didn't get a wink of sleep. After leaving at 2.a.m. in the morning, one feels one should get some shut-eye surely not too much to ask - but not to be. A group of 4 ladies had a group of children age ranges from about 6 months up to 13!! I unfortunately happened to be sitting next to the ladies with the terrible 2 year old toddler and the 10 month old!! Both of whom decided they were not going to do ANYTHING that was asked of them no seat belts, no playing with the glove puppets oh so kindly donated by the cabin crew, not do any colouring in fact were not going to co-operate at any level thus screamed and bawled and literally threw a tantrum at every possible opportunity!! Boy did I want to give the terrible two year old a slap across the backside!!

Was it me I asked myself, am I the only one who can hear all of this?!! Apparently not since the 5 occupants closely aligned also to said terrible two child were like me continually walking up and down the aircraft as far away as one could possibly muster out of reach of monster!! & I've never visited the aircraft toilets so much in my life!! Even the air hostess commented that us "5 folks were singing remarkably loud along to the music in our headphones - must be good music she said!!" I nearly choked on my airline meal!! The guy in front of me said he had just been on a 14 hour flight across from Aussie and it wasn't anywhere near as bad as the 6.5 hour journey we had just encountered! Boy did we exit the aircraft in double quick time!! At least I have 100's of other far pleasanter memories to dwell on and now at last my ears have stopped ringing and I don't find every child I see or hear is actually bawling!! Such a sweet little soul he was too!!

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