Friday, 14 October 2011

WI'Ing it 2

No I haven't attempted a follow up round with my grandchildren lately, having been mercilessly thrashed time and time again by them I couldn't stand the humiliation any longer - well not this week anyway!

Guess what I saw an advert on the tele recently for a new WI Mario cars Game advertising it as "great family fun and entertainment - a time for all the family to share and have great laughs". They obviously do not live in the real word at the WI organisation!!! Because the only family entertainment I recall is of my grandchildren remorsely taking over the controls from me and showing me how it should be done, my frustration at not being able to control such a supposedly simple act of making little men and funny shaped mushrooms jump over obstacles, leap across chasms of fire, dodging prickly hedgehogs or throwing snowballs or balls of fire at the enemy thus surviving attacks from peculiar creatures only to be rewarded by climbing a flag pole with a skull and cross bones on it and gaining more lives only to lose them in yet more strange acts of bravery - well I thinks that's what it's meant to be!!

Sorry having wandered off the track somewhat this new game involves all the family sitting there holding a steering wheel device and presumably attempting similar acts only in a little Mario car I would assume!! O M G - where does that leave me I ask myself?? If I can't make a serious attempt at the basics, I don't stand a hope in H..L of sitting in the armchair - (well actually probably not sitting but remorselessly jumping up and down or leaning left and right in the most bizarre manner in the hope that my physical movements in the room will somehow relate to the screen in front of me - foolish idea of course!!)and being actually able to steer a little computer generated car and flat capped folks over and around a series of courses or objects!! Oh please deliver me from this environment and what the H..L is wrong with an old wooden orange box with pramwheels strapped to the back and front with nothing but a piece of strong chord to steer me around the track - so much more fun, healthier and certainly within my control - because I invariably beat the boys - how satisfying was that!! Ah the joys of childhood!!

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