Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Lunch that Never Was

How can one lose their lunch pal in one of the smallest buildings on Campus?? I'd arranged to meet one of my Students recently returned from Malaysia to catch up. This is the 3rd attempt we've made to have lunch but today we nailed it or so we thought! I was on a training course, she was at a lecture both due to finish at 12.00, agreed to meet at the building where I was on the training course, conveniently close to one of the main eating halls on Campus perfick!! Looking forward to a nice lunch and chat I waited, 12.15 came and went, her lecture must have gone over. I moved my sitting place to a more appropriate viewpoint lest we see each other from afar so to speak. 12.30 came and went, maybe I've got the time wrong and it was supposed to be 12.30 after all. The little grey cells not working so well perhaps?? In and out of the eating hall I traipsed, the student bit, the academic bit, the shop bit but no sign. I even approached another poor student calling out "Oh there you are" thinking it was my lunch pal because she looked just the same from the back - talk about startled look!! DOH!! 12.45 came and went, maybe I've got the wrong venue since originally it was at another eating hall on campus. Do I go or do I stay? I ventured across to the original meeting place but nothing. Back to the original venue 1.00 p.m by now and tummy rumbling getting out of control. Back to my training place no eating pal. Decided I'd better have a quick lunch on my own and head back across campus since by now lunch had been 1 1/2 hours! Had ventured back and forth campus three times now and finally back to my office. Well fit, tummy full but no lunch pal. I emailed her, she replied on her Blackberry! She had been waiting at the same building until 1 p.m. thinking my meeting had ran over and then gone back to her place after also searching in the same area! How did that happen and we never met up?? What was the problem? She was waiting in the Careers section of the building - virtually next door to where I was and yet neither of us managed to see or find each other DOH!!! Got a plan forget it don't always work!!

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