Monday, 27 October 2014

Will I ever get back to normal?

Well it's about 12 weeks in and I'm still hobbling around on the crutches.  It didn't help my mood when my son-in-law told me yesterday that a friend of his who had also broken his leg/ankle the same week as I had is now back driving his car and moving around without his crutches.  How to motivate people!!

I was feeling on a relative high since the physio this week had told me I was progressing well, in fact I should slow down because I was doing too much hence the sore foot & ankle most of the time.  Never having been in this position before I don't know what is normal and what isn't!  I'm being told I have to be patient which isn't one of my strongest points.  My mind wanders and I wonder if the leg/ankle will ever be the same again.  It doesn't feel much like it at the moment but I live on in hope.  None of my family have visited me since the injury although we speak on the 'phone I miss them and my grandchildren a lot but this seems to be the way of family these days it would appear but it does not do much for the motivation of oneself.

It's hard being trapped indoors it feels extremely frustrting not being able to do a fraction of what I could do in the past.  Always a very busy person not sitting still for more than 10 minutes this enforced re-habilitation goes totally against what I am used to and thus frustration returns constantly.

Normally a very positive person it is hard to find positive things to keep me motivated and strong.  I know there are folks far worse off than me and have life-threatening conditions but it still debilitates your whole being both physically, emotionally and mentally.  I have to soldier on doing my exercises reguarly and constantly battling through the pain barrier is not great but I live in hope that one morning I will wake up and the foot is and remains its normal size I can climb up and down the stairs at my usual fast pace and just be able to saunter up into my garden to enjoy the view.  Can't wait for that morning but guess I will have to.

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