Wednesday, 19 January 2011

In Malaysia

Well here but not sure what day or time it is??  I think it may be Thursday now over here but still Wednesday over there!!  I can't believe just how lucky I am.  Flew with Emirates and what a treat that was so stuffed with food don't want to eat for a week.  Bags of room and actually very happy cabin staff who just can't seem to do enough for you.  Stopping off at Dubai Airport for transfer what a jaw dropping experience that was - I've never seen anything like it.  Every possible shop you could imagine and designer to boot you need a day at the airport just to look around all the shops unfortunately I only had 3 hours but I was good and didn't spend any money - not yet - there's still the return stop off of 3 hours - wonder if I can hang on to my pennies or should I say millions long enough to shop there on the way back?? To top it all off I have this fabulous hotel room big enough for 10 and a bathroom to die for!!  Shame I haven't got the millionaire (hubby) to share it with.  My room view of the wondrous Petronas Towers at night is a sight to behold, absolutely stunning and only a couple of hundred yards from my room!!  But totally exhausted now and don't know whether to try to sleep or sit up all night or is it day?  I think its about 4.30 over there in the U.K. and its 12.30 p.m here but I'm so wide awake don't think I'll get a sleep.  Think I'll raid the bar 'fridge there's everything in it!!

Tomorrow well I think it'll be tomorrow I'll download or is it upload some stunning photos I took from the aircraft of the moon rise - absolutely breathtaking!!  Nite nite or is it good morning??

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