Friday, 7 January 2011

Twelth Night

On this day (i.e. 6th January not today as I write!!)  37 years ago I was delivered of a baby girl at 6.50 p.m. in the evening.  She was late and should have been born 25th December but decided to make it 12th night instead - luckily for me otherwise all my Christmasses up until the present day would have been decidely more expensive!!  JG as she is now is married and has offspring of her own and I spent the day with JG yesterday to try to cheer her up.  Big Guy (her hubby) was away working (who incidentally did'nt ring until very late on in the morning to wish her a Happy Birthday - something JG was not too chuffed over - that's men for ya!!) she was at work herself in the afternoon and her offspring all at school.  Decided it wasn't going to be a good day for her so ventured up to the frozen North to make her day a little bit more interesting and less "worklike".  Think we pulled it off, the kids had a great time planning the surprise tea for when she got in  - even though I had sworn the youngest at the tender age of 3 to secrecy who then promptly told mummy that we were planning a surprise tea when she came home from work and she wasn't supposed to know about it "cos it was a secret mummy"!!  Doh grandma for letting AG toddler in on the secret - you'd think after all these years I would have known better wouldn't you??

Singing candles, mummy's favourite foods & drinks, surprise presents and spray string all led to Mummy's tea party - which she recalled - she could'nt remember the last time she had had a birthday tea for herself, as she had spent the last few years arranging birthday teas for her offspring.  I don't know who had the most fun, me and her offspring or Mummy herself.  All round I think JG's 37th birthday was a bit of a different occasion and one, one hopes she will look back on with fondness and smile about.

When I recall that little bundle - well not so little at 9 lbs. 2 ozs in my arms - I am amazed at where all those years have gone and what has happened in that time.  It's incredible to recall - so very much has happened.  I married had children, divorced, re-married and gave birth again, lived in different parts of the country, met oh so many people, have had different jobs and visited so many countries throughout the world on fantastic holidays both with and without family.  Loads of natural disasters, Mobile phones, the internet, Cameras everywhere we go, Live Aid, Children in Need, Wars - STILL - Afghanistan (well not new at all that is it??), Falklands, Iran/Iraq, Ipods, computer linked TV, phones and games we play with together on the tele the same as the board games we all played.  Space station, Google Maps & Google Earth - and the ability to write this blog  - all things that are now at my fingertips that weren't 37 years ago the list is ever-growing - just absolutely amazing!!  And have you seen that latest robot on the tele recently - scary or what - just too much like a human being to be comfortable around - George Orwell - would be saying now - "See I told you so!!" and wouldn't be far wrong - look out Commuter Space travel only a whisper away now!!

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