Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The wonder of science dentristy - part 2

The miracle continues with me venturing into the Dentist technicians workshop this morning and offered a plaster-splattered seat (dry thankfully) whilst he built me a new tooth!!  I gazed around at the bunsen burner roaring away on the desk and mused if this was for my benefit or just to heat the room!!  If it was for my benefit not sure I was going to stay as visions of the Demon Dentist played around in my head and where he might place the said bunsen burner flame - didn't bear thinking about - but he looked too nice to be a demon dentist - but one should never be fooled by appearances!!  I decided I'd stay put at least for a little while.

He placed some horrible moulding stuff on a temporary plate into my mouth and assured me it would only take a few seconds whilst he prodded and poked the mould to see if it had set!!  My mouth felt like it was stuffed with a McDonalds McFlurry only harder and nowhere near so pleasant to the palette!!  I could feel the mould setting and had visions that my entire topset would come away with it - meet Grandma the new toothless wonder!!  Not a pretty sight.  He then set about building me a new tooth out of all sorts of strange looking powders and within 30 minutes there it was in place all shiny and new and here was the Grandma with a complete set of teeth once again - even matching up the colour with my original teeth to make sure it didn't look obviously different - ah what joy!!  Now I could kiss my family members without the embarrassment of having to pucker up a lip that would sink into a black hole where a tooth used to be!  I'm sure everyone would have noticed the difference - not!!

Within 30 minutes all was done, dusted and paid for.  I am still thankful for this 21st century and the wonders of modern science.  To be able to go and have such treatment, efficiently, speedily and relatively cheaply is something I needed to remind myself of.  Here in the U.K. we bemoan our NHS and medical treatment generally but we are so much better off than the rest of the world in this aspect that this morning I have had once again to count my blessings.  I was reminded of this too at lunchtime today when I could eat properly once again without half of my delightful luncheon disappearing into a cavity without having to fish it out with toothpicks or another suitable implement that would do the job that one's teeth usually does.  My goodness don't we take our teeth for granted and glad to say I've got one back again.  Thanks Mr. Dentist technician - not at all a Demon!!

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