Sunday, 9 January 2011

Painter or Pet carer?

A day of decisions with lots to do and not enough time to do it all in - no change there then?? Apart from the usual chores which didn't warrant a decision - just must do's unfortunately interfering with a precious weekend!!  When faced with the choice of starting a long overdue new picture or carrying out the usual clean of the budgie's cages - unfortunately the budgies lost!!  I apologised to them with the promise of carrying the said task out later - they responded vociferally as usual and chirruped that it was O.K. and prepared to wait just a little longer for said clean cage apartments - I bribed them both with a new well stuffed millet seed spray which they seemed more than happy to accept as compensation for said delay and tucked in whilst I began the long overdue painting - several months overdue in fact!  Moments later whilst embarking on said painting I realised I'd forgotten everything I'd been taught already by the professional art tutor at the great residential art course I attended back in July - (given to me as a Christmas present last year by "The Millionaire" alias hubby). Scratting around for my notes from the course I found them at last and berated myself for not checking the notes before starting the painting. I'd forgotten the basics but undaunted I carried on and rectified my earlier mistakes - made in earnest because I was too eager to begin my most favourite hobby.  The course had taught me the basics of impressionist style particularly Edward Seago and how to complete a full oil painting in an hour and a half!!  Nearly 3 hours later I'd achieved something akin to the picture I was attempting to emulate but nowhere near finished!!  I'm reminded of my tutor who said he and his partner - a water colourist - try to paint something at least every day to get to the standard he aspired - and was still aspiring to!!  Lordy I've got a lot of painting to do if my New Year's resolution is to come to pass!!  I guess diligence to the task will pay off - one day an "after Seago style" painted by an anonymous artist may appear on the Antiques Roadshow and realise a fantastic sum - in your dreams sunshine - but persevere nevertheless - one never knows!!!!

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