Sunday, 2 January 2011

Family, family, family.

As we role on into another year full of expectation and surprises no doubt, I'm excited at the prospect of facing a New Year and silently resolving to stick to my resolutions this time for sure!!

Having spent Christmas & New Year with various members of my family I'm reminded once again of the value of their worth.  Despite all the media drivel that is written about Christmas and New Year being one of the worst times for family fall outs etc., I would argue that its also a time for family togetherness - whether through duty or desire!! Why is everyone so negative about this time of the year, we need boosting up - not bashing down - there's too much of it around these days!!  In a nutshell my family are great with all their different personailities why the hell should we all get on together all the time - not possible - but as long as we do most of the time that's O.K. isn't it surely?? and I guess most families are the same??

My matriarch has always been there for the bad and good times, infuriating, frustrating, supportive, then surprising and ever loving.  My patriarch now conspicuous by his absence and his silent support that is all the more profound now he has left this world for a better place one hopes and missed every day.  A brother who has his own new life challenges to face and his ever supporting wife throughout it all.  All of my children all challenging but loving in different ways who will always be my pride and joy along with their respective offspring who never cease to surprise me with their vast knowledge way ahead of all of their tender years. A husband who is always one step ahead of me and supportive in more numerous ways than I could ever relate and he too ever loving.

Meeting up with a 90 year old relative who is still smiling, healthy, happy, and walking 3 miles every morning in all weathers what a trojan and one for whom I have the greatest respect and admiration, never bemoaning her lot and just grateful to still be alive at 90 and having the company of my matriarch whenever possible only "wishing they lived much closer to each other, so they could keep each other company".  

I am truly grateful for all of these people in my life and the part they have and will continue to play in it.  In all their funny, infuriating personalities they have helped shape me into the person that I am now and I love them all for it.  All mushy stuff but true nevertheless and families are something to value so hang on to them in 2011!!

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