Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Morning in Malaysia

Gosh how lucky am I?? Don' want to brag or anything just sharing a good thing with you. Fabulous views from my room, 30 deg C today and a breakfast to die for this morning - more food available than I could ever have imagined.  A shower room big enough to hold a party in -  mind boggles !! Short lived as it is I have to begin work this afternoon but what a way to go to work.  Aint complaining I love my job!! 

A few pics to share just to make you green with envy!! Petroneas Towers by night and day view from my room and the moonrise shots I spoke about in my last blog oh and one from the onboard screen to prove I am really here !! Sorry forgot to turn some around so you're gonna have to turn your head sideways - will do better next time!! Only sad thing about all of this is that this all used to be Tropical Rain Forest and compared to how much is left and the tower blocks I'm surrounded by - give me the rain forest any day.  I just hope this country wakes up before any more of it is lost forever.

Now to work.

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