Monday, 17 January 2011

Grandma Ventures out

Tomorrow I fly out to Malaysia on my first official business trip for 10 days.  Mixed feelings, concern, long trip 12 hour flight on my own, excited at visiting another new country, grateful for a boss who has the faith in me to trust that I will do a good job and a hubby (the millionare) who gives me the courage & support to know that I can do it - on my own! How lucky am I?

With thoughts of Bridgett Jones The Edge of Reason I must remember NOT to accept nice presents for me to bring home.  I don't think I could come off so lightly as Bridgett & definitely will not be sporting a black bra which may buy me fags in return whilst in Gaol - I don't smoke for a start!!

There are lots of things about this modern world I'm not so chuffed about, but lots of things I'm grateful for too. At my time of life (almost 60) to be able to take advantage of such an opportunity is something I would never have thought possible as a child or an adult.  As we often say "You never know what's around the corner".  2 years ago at this time, I was out of work with no vision of where, when or if I would get a job again at my time of life.  So never, never, ever give up, fate has many things in store for us - we just need to be patient and count our blessings!! 

Whether I'll be able to catch up on this blog is another adventure for me, so wait with baited breath dear readers and see what happens - because I have'nt got a clue!!

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