Sunday, 16 January 2011

Grandma & fashion "gear"

"Is it me" how many times have I asked that question when I've had a frustrating day clothes shopping!  Now I'm not a frumpy sort of grandma bordering on 12/14 size, not obese and definitely not stick thin - so why are all the clothes in just about every shop I went into yesterday geared for those sorts of shapes??

Upon spying a very smart pleated skirt number along with matching jacket, blouse etc., and making a beeline for the article, I was very disappointed that said skirt was only about 10 inches in depth. Most definitely in the "brief" market i.e. one step too far and nothing but the best rear end clad in a suitable thong (I would guess this is what the designer had in mind)would be revealed & suited to such a lovely skirt - how sick am I??  The range was just what I had in mind, so why don't they supply this line with a range of skirt lengths to suit the customer i.e. pelmet length (as in this case), knee length or calf length either of which I could have got away with and looked as equally smart as the female clad in the pelmet!! 

I move on to other shops in the vain hope that I will eventually come across something.  I'm not fussy, just something classy, modern, feminine and fashionable.  Where are the dresses these days why does everything have to be trousers, cut-offs, skirts (all too small and cut too fine or so loose they look like a tent on me) and blouses or jackets with un-even hems that look like someone has made a mistake on the machine!!  Even your average pair of jeans cannot be found anymore, skinny fit (not at all suitable for someone with nice shapely legs because you can't even get them past your ankles!!)  and the zip so darned small & fiddly you mustn't have any tummy at all because your skin is in danger of getting caught in it!!; they either have ironed-in wrinkles, which you have be sure you don't iron out (so why bother to put them there in the first place is beyond me), have designer tears or holes in them or faded patches where you definitely wouldn't want them to look faded!!  Not only that you have to take out a mortgage to buy some of this gear!! 

Today I'm definitely a grumpy old woman.  If anyone (which I sincerely doubt) in the fashion industry would deem to read this blog please, please, please bring out a range of clothes that your "average woman about town who is a grandma or just a normal curvy shape" can wear and squeal with delight over because she is spoilt for choice.  I would love to have a nice fashionable (not frumpy dress covered with buttons, frills and all manner of sparkly bits) dress that fits in all the right places and shows my figure off to its best advantage, or a good classy skirt that also fits in the right places  & is neither so short it shows off my knickers which are definitely not thong shaped at my time of life nor so long it makes me look like a I'm still trying to grow up.  A blouse that the buttons don't pop off of the first time I wear it or bust darts that are completely in the wrong place for a woman who is trying to uplift her chest not emphasise the inevitable sagging that comes with age!!

Please let's have some factories back in the U.K. that can make good quality clothes that fit the average European woman at a reasonable price.  Not all these foreign imports that are obviously made from a petite population where the shoe size is not right, the clothes size is not right and they fall apart after the first wearing!!  Please someone HELP us before its too late!!! 

Now I can go about my chores with a vengeance having gotten that off me chest - mind you it still doesn't help that fact that I never got any of the clothes I was looking for and I shall have to repeat the exercise yet again!!  Oh perish the thought I may never go into another fashion store again - hooray!!

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