Monday, 24 January 2011

Work in KL

Actually did some work today and achieved much.  Very busy schedule changing throughout the day and met some really important folks it appears and visited their posh establishments - obviously prospering.  One of the offices has a games room for the staff, executive bathrooms for the management team as well as individual bathrooms (not just your bog-standard - pardon the pun - loo) for their staff comprising of executive showers, bidet units and so on!!  Guess Malaysia is the up and coming place to be right now!!

Mind you everyone drives everywhere in KL (its too humid to walk apparently) so the traffic is an absolute nightmare - England's traffic chaos is nothing compared to over here!!  Everyone drives how they like and signalling is an afterthought - just glad I was a passenger and kept my eyes closed when an imminent disaster approached!!  We are a very civilised nation by comparison it appears with driving etiquette - mind you I haven't yet seen one road rage episode over here which says something about the Malay drivers it has to be said!!

As I write this the Muslims are being called to prayer over the tannoy just across from my hotel.  Its kind of haunting in a way, but strangely calming - just wish I knew what he was saying.  He calls them to prayer about 3 times a day, I'm getting used to it now, something we just don't hear in the U.K. More work tomorrow so going to bed on a prayer it would seem now blogging off.

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