Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Budgie's first love!

Just a little ditty to relate regarding one of my 2 budgies. Having done the usual daily change of water and seed for my 2 guys. I noticed Max the older of the two was attempting to bathe himself in his drinking water. Having tried the budgie bath in the past which he pointedly ignored I had given it up as a bad idea, now I thought I'd try the budgie bath again as he seemed quite keen to have a wash! I fitted the bath to the front of his cage but couldn't quite close the door, thus I left him to his own devices, thinking he may not want me to see him partaking of his ablutions and left the door open for him to fly around and dry himself off. Never known him to be so keen to have a bath and freshen up before - strange??

When returned from work Max was nowhere to be seen. I knew the place was closed up tight so he had'nt gotten out. I looked in all his usual perching places but no nothing. I checked the Christmas tree several times and the presents that lay at it's foot but no luck. One more check of the Christmas tree revealed he was there after all. How could one miss a blue budgie on a Christmas tree twinkling with lights and full of tree decs? Easy when you don't expect to see him cosying up to the fairy on the top that's how!! (Ah Hah - here lies the possible answer to Max's desperate attempt to bathe in his drinking water methinks!!) The fairy had a smile on her face but Max looked crestfallen at the possible rejection of his advances. Ah well the path of true love never did run smooth even at Christmas!! I just wish I'd taken a photo - next time may be. Must remember to keep the bird bath available for his next attempt at courtship with the Christmas Tree Fairy.

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