Thursday, 22 December 2011

Malaysian Joy - Christmas Treats

I truly love my job. Today I found out the names of 6 of my lucky students being given the opportunity to carry out their industrial placement next year in Malaysia. What a great Christmas present I've been able to offer them this morning. I was so pleased to be able to email them all this morning informing them the Company who wanted them and where they would be working and offering them this great opportunity not only to expand their degree knowledge but to live and work in a fantastic exciting country for a year on the other side of the world. The younger generation of today are so very lucky to be given the opportunity in Higher Education to do things like this. This type of thing just wasn't available when I was their age. I hope they grasp the opportunity with both hands fully. Malaysia is a fabulous country, the people are friendly, gracious and very helpful. I know the students who have been and are currently there, have a once in a lifetime experience and what great memories to have when they grow old. Lucky them and lucky me to be involved in such a privilege as this. Happy Christmas everyone, joy to all. :)

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