Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Political Correctedness - Who Decides??

Hearing & reading daily about contentious political correctedness issues and given to discussion with the Millionaire I want to know who decides what and what isn't politically correct and how on earth did it start?? Being slightly ignorant on this I'm given to understand that it started in the U.S but can't confirm that - that's not the point! My point is someone, somewhere, came up with this ridiculous issue which has now become a major headache all across the globe to my mind! Who started it off and who are they, he or she to assume that they are correct in in their findings? Were they a Prof or a Dr in some specific field; if so why does everyone think that the findings he, she or they came up with are right - why has no one questioned their view or their report or their findings! or even challenged the things that are now constantly coming out? At the end of the day it is that person's or groups personal view so who is to say they are right - how do we know they are right - why are we assuming they are right? After all they could be horribly wrong but no one has questioned the theory - well it would seem not because of the way we have to live now!! Why are we following everything like sheep and producing mountains of paperwork (to support this theory & findings) that people give up on after the 1st page because it is too ridiculous for words any longer!! What makes that person or group so superior to the rest of mankind that now everyone is agreeing with it and going along with everything that has come out of this ass called Political Correctedness! I agree that there had to be some modicum of understanding and fair play, particularly with race matters, serious crimes against humanity etc., but I seriously think this whole matter is spiralling out of control and no-one seems to be brave enough to step up to the bar and say "hang on a minute" let's just stop and see what's happening! This whole animal has spilled over into religion, politics, race and anything else where people see and think fit to question every move that is made or every word that is spoken. We as a people can no longer live a normal carefree life without fear of retribution or backlash and are having to constantly look over our shoulders "just in case" that's no way to live for any of us!! That's not life that's imprisonment of the worst kind - i.e. no freedom of will or speech any longer and no individual or democratic opinion which can be voiced freely or openly.

We have the same ridiculous approach with Health & Safety to the extent that it has become laughable and it is hardly appropriate to breathe in someone's elses space!! Our kids are wrapped in cotton wool to the extent that they are smothered, cannot live a free and happy life with lots of laughter and fun in it. My grandson forbidden to throw snowballs - just in case, no longer allowed to build snowmen - what!! what the hell is that all about?? Come on get a life someone this is imprisonment of the worst kind. We are afraid to step outside of our door now for fear of litigation and all that it may bring. For goodness sake please someone call a halt to this madness that the World is spiralling into before we end up killing ourselves with total bureaucratic clap trap!!

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  1. So true. It really is about time that we started to fight back for democracy and free speech. We have become cowed by the politcally correct "police"