Saturday, 29 January 2011

Back in Ole Blighty

Back in old blighty and its cold!  Having spent almost 10 days in Malaysia at 30 Deg C every day just a touch chilly! I think its Saturday having been in a moronic state since I flew into Birmingham on Thursday evening and was met by the coldest wind when I came out of the terminal building! Talk about coming down to earth with a bump - oh cruel, cruel wind!!  The baggage claim took almost an hour, somebody's bag had contained some highly spiced liquid in a jar or somesuch. Said object had obviously broken in transit and the air around the baggage travellator reeked with very strong curry odour.  Bet the bag owners on the tavellator next to said contaminated baggage weren't too chuffed their bags were also contaminated - thankfully mine escaped the smell of Asia because it was one of the last to come off the travellator every cloud has a silver lining - hence my prolonged wait. 

Since then I've been like a zombie come mid-day, trying to go to bed at the right time impossible because falling asleep in the most inconvenient circumstances. Finally sleeping O.K. but habitually waking up at 2. a.m. raring to go with nowhere to go to - except falling back into bed, trying to act like a normal GMT sleeper whatever one of those may be, but pretty darned impossible when my brain and body is still living and working on Malay time. The millionaire assures me that eventually all will return to normal.  I hope so otherwise today I'll be shopping and falling asleep at the checkout not even remembering why I'm stood there!!  Ah well back to normality and off to work this morning I just hope my eyelids stay in the upward position otherwise could be very embarrassing this morning!!

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