Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Objections at the White House

Switched off a news item tonight fuming at the guy who felt a Mormon should not be amongst the American Parliamentary elite because of the cult he was in what ignorance and short-sightedness!! If that's the case then there are several million members of that cult with a worldwide following that has been in place for over a 100 years are they to be banned too? How long have the Latter Day Saints been founded - someone should educate this guy - big time!! Mormonism is a world wide Christian religion and still growing. Gone are the days of plural marriages (which seems to be the only thing the Latter Day Saints/Mormons are remembered or recognised for sadly) in fact it's not been practised by the church members for many many years. The Church does many many things which are not widely known for in charitable contributions, supporting the world in all types of aid, supports family values, promoting healthy living but being the modest organisation it is, it does not shout from the roof tops these deeds, to their credit. But for the extensive Genealogical archives the Church holds, the research it has carried out, extensive recording and notage voluntarily and diligently produced by church members and the vast Genealogical Libraries across the world that have been set up for public access of all race creeds and religions, many of the world's peoples today would not have been introduced or had access to the joy of Family History. Many of whom who have rejoiced in finding long lost family members or been introduced to family they never knew existed or had thought were permanently lost to them. To call them a cult is so far wide of the mark it's laughable and sheer ignorance. The USA as it's major contributor to political correctness should look at this guy and say "hang on a minute isn't this discrimination on religious grounds"? and what happened to democracy? What about the electorate who put this man up to be a part of their government, surely they have their rights, they gave their support knowing everything about this guy! Just because he stands up and is not afraid to share his openness about Jesus Christ and his beliefs, this should not label him as unfit to be in Government. He should be respected because he has the courage to be open and honest with himself and the people he is there to represent. In today's political environment Worldwide there may be apparent openness from all quarters but sadly all too often the truth is discovered and many people are not what they seem. With this Latter Day Saint - you get what it says on the tin and that's a rarity these days - leave him alone - I thought this type of persecution had died out years ago apparently not so what is there to be afraid of?!!

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