Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Making My Day

On collecting my grandchildren from school recently on what must have been the most coldest, windiest day of the week, my spirits were lifted higher than my skirt which the wind delighted in playing with and embarrasing me to those that were within eyesight of my undies!

A delightful young lady who was probably about the same age as my grandson - i.e. 9 or 10 commented "Oh high there .....'s mum, he will be "out in a minute from his classroom", he asked me to tell you. "You are his mum aren't you"? When I replied "Actually no I'm his grandma" - she said "Oh sorry but you look like you should be his mum - not his grandma" Ah joy - out of the mouth of babes!! - especially when I'm approaching 60!! Made my day!! Don't you just love the innocence of childhood - yes siree - bless you my child live long and prosper!!

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