Friday, 7 October 2011

A Day's Difference

What a difference a day makes - and how suddenly a few words can turn things inside out and it's not just the words that are lost - there is more at stake - once they are out it is hard to take them back unless you have the courage to admit you are wrong. Admitting the mistake takes more courage and all too often people just don't have it - that's the foolishness of adults. I just wish there were more children in the world - every day would be like sunshine and life would be much simpler. Children forgive and forget far more easily than the supposed adults. So I ask myself - who is the better example - I think we can learn so much more from the children and perhaps we need to stop before we overstep the adult mark! Maybe we should take a step into the child's world once more and learn a lesson from them before it's too late and everything is lost.

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