Saturday, 8 January 2011

Wii Anxt

Trying to get to grips with the Wii craze is I thought supposed to be fun!!  Having attempted various forms of Mario exploits I'm wondering how my family have become such experts - not least my 9 year old grandson JB to name one and No.1 son!  Signs of a very misspent youth perhaps??  Or just IT expertise that seems to come naturally to the next generation. 

I dwell on the days of my youth when I spent many a happy hour building dens and then playing some imaginary game with all my mates who lived on my Close - such simple pleasures!!  We built dens in chalk pit cliff faces (somewhere where we were absolutely forbidden to go of course - but made all the more exciting because we ignored our parents & did it anyway!!) with a hole in the roof to let the smoke out for when we built a fire in the den and cooked toast on a stick over the fire which always got burnt because we put the bread too close to the flames or it got covered in soot because the fire was too smokey - but it was the bestest toast ever!!  None of this twisting and gyrating with a plastic rubber covered hand gizmo which never seems to do what I'm telling it to do - and I'm sure my controller is not working properly - or why else would Luigi keep getting his backside burned in the lava?? Hey ho - got the pants beaten off me again by No. 1 son and The millionaire coming a close 2nd or was it 3rd!  Who cares - I think I'll go and build a den somewhere - at least I know I'm in control then - and my toast will be far better than theirs - in fact they probably wouldn't even know how to build a fire with just leaves, paper and sticks and some spent matches!!  Now who's in control eh!!!  Age does have its compensations after all!!  Sucks boo to you lot I'm going off to burn & enjoy my toast!!

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