Monday, 3 January 2011


Being a collector of Suzi Cooper ware I visited an antiques fair today only to find a Suzi Cooper set on display in first class shape, no chips, no wear signs and a lovely style. I knew this was special, negotiating for a suitable price I decided enough was enough and I was not the mug the vendor had perceived.   I'm sure the vendor paid a lot less than me but certainly folks need to make a profit but being ripped off is not an option just after Christmas!!  Back to the drawing board or car boots I think but even now as typing the temptation to return is still there and negotiate a further reduction!!  Sometimes one has to cut her losses and just put the money away for another day and hopefully a better price - still the bitter sting of disappointment lingers - but time to banish it and hope that fate will put another opportunity my way - well within my price range!! These days I've learnt when I see something to get it there and then, having been caught out on many occasions for returning only to find the thing I wanted had gone and kicked myself afterwards for not going with my initial gut reaction  - but not today!!  Perhaps someone's looking out for me and saying - "no you can do better than that"!!  Thank you guardian angel - I think!!

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