Saturday, 10 September 2011

Farewell Malaysia

My time here is almost done and I have had the most rewarding business trip. Really exciting. In the one or two days I've had to spare I've loved the culture; experienced every type of food from Thai to a Big Mac Malay style; been treated like Royalty in the hotel (they upgraded me because I've been in the hotel so much!!) and met some amazing new friends from around the World from Australia to Ireland, Singapore and beyond. Extremes of heat beyond belief and the most interesting warm rain and fantastic lightening storms. Just a few pics here on my last full day and time to jet home all 15 hours of it!!

This is a herbal tea bar on Petaling Street (China Town) in KL

Included in these shots are pics of my fabulous hotel bathroom - check out the marble sink and shower cubicle ace!! & the King size bed which I got lost in many a time.

The teddy-bear bouquets were something I had not seen before but thought they were really neat so of course pic had to be taken!!

Last but not least shots of the amazing night sky views from my hotel room. I guess some might think ugh a concrete jungle but when it's all lit up it quite takes the breath away. The Petronas Towers never ceased to amaze me and I think it is one of the most beautiful modern day wonders of the world.

Ah well U.K here I come. Even on the last day in Malaysia which was National Malaysia day the hotel staff put an orchid in my room and I thought that was such a lovely personal touch. Hope to be back some day again soon.

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