Friday, 30 September 2011

Techni BitZ - Urghhhhhh!!!!

What is it with the world today and Techni BitZ?? I'm now beginning to feel like a grumpy old woman!! Yes only now and yes hopefully only a temporary arrangement!!

Everyone seems to communicate mostly via mediums such as this these days. Where I work all the students appear to have a mobile 'phone permanently glued to their ear or earphones connecting them to a shiny Ipod and prancing about the streets like a thing possessed - blissfully unaware of the general public such as myself - who are trying to decide whether they should move to the left or to the right to dodge the said electogeek in front who appears to be suffering from St. Vitus' Dance!!

And what is it with these massive slabs of technology with thousands of words emblazoned across a screen?? Years ago one found such books in the "Large Print" section in the library - the books were still the same size just enormous print - so what was wrong with those I ask myself??

You can't beat a good old fashioned book and please Lord never let them disappear from our bookshelves - well they won't in my household - that's for sure! Those familiar pages with creases in the top corners where I "saved my place" for the next time I wanted to pick up my beloved book. Those Ladybird books which I still have from my childhood with my childish scribblings at my first attempt to write my name or draw a picture in it of "mummy, daddy, my brother and the household pets" blissfully unaware at the time that you just don't write in that book - you have blocks of blank pages called drawing books for that!!

You just can't replicate that type of stuff with today's technology and how big a shame is that - why?? Because when I pick up those same old Ladybird books and others which I now share with my own Children and Grand-children, they love to see my childish scribblings and marvel at the fact that I too was once their age and did "naughty things" or I too had to learn to write and draw like them. Electronic gismos can't replace the giggles and the smiles we have at those childish scribblings or those memories that I delight in relaying to my off-spring and their off-spring and never will - please!!!

What am I talking about - good old family stuff - like enjoying one another's company, being together, having fun, reminiscing and yes heaven forbid - actually opening mouths and talking to another human being instead of a cold lump of electronic gadgetry that has no soul, empathy or warmth!!

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