Friday, 10 February 2012

Birthday Bites

Not blogged for a while - busy, busy. Had a great Birthday this week notable age joined the 60's club, but in my mind still 20 and want it to remain that way. My birthday was ushered in with a snowy weekend beforehand and lots of feathered friends saying thanks for feeding them. Attached a few pics to make you smile or say "Aah" at. Lots of lovely presis, flowers, cards, ate too much pigged out on lovely cake and counting the cost of over-calorising (if there's such a word.) Spent the birthday with special people such as my Mum, 87 and still going strong, who you see me standing with in one of my pics. Without her I would'nt be here being able to introduce you to a small window of my world - thanks to her and all the Mums across the world.

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