Friday, 25 November 2011

A Painter's lot is a very happy one!

This is what I do when I have a few precious moments to myself. I get so engrossed in my work I forget the time - as I did last night - when I decided I was getting rather tired and thought I'd better stop. On looking at the clock I discovered it was 2.a.m. in the morning - yes - for sure even after a double-take!! I guess it's the equivalent of the writer's flow - only it's artistic flow - because I also get the opposite -artist's block too and the pictures just don't work!!

My paintings flow between Impressionism style (well I like to think it's something akin to anyway!!)- pallet knife and gentle landscapes hence the continual flow of pics with my camera. It's like the traditional artist's notebook only mine is the latest digital version that I attempt to draw inspiration from. Some modern technology is the buis thankfully!!

Now I've finished I have to find something else to paint - lovely :)

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