Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Guarantee Puzzler

I was very lucky to be given a nice zoom/macro lense as a Christmas present to add to my growing collection for my sassy new camera. Boxing day I tried out the macro feature snapping everything from Christmas tree baubles to flowers and bumble bees would you believe in December in the garden. Great, however when using it again whilst showing it proudly off to my mother found the lense would not come off. Try as I might it had stuck fast. Taking it back to retailer whom were only too proud to announce had not seen anything like this before couldn't help!! I took it to another branch in Derby, more helpful but still could not help. If they could didn't know who to send it to anyway since both the camera and lense were under different guarantees!! Would one invalidate the other?? In the end I was left to attempt to resolve the problem. Which I did by ringing the manufacturer who were very helpful in solving said problem!! They would repair the camera but as the lense was not their manufacturer I may still have to pay something!! Talk about piggy in the middle. Seems guarantees are fine so long as you don't have two on the go which contradict each other and to add to all the pain and suffering I've had to go through in sorting out this muddle - I've now got to wait for up to 6 weeks for them to repair it!! Customer sorts out problem 10/10 - Customer service from retailer 2/10 and manufacturer 5/10!! Not fit for the purpose springs to mind and I'm not talking about the lense which has jammed!!

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