Monday, 11 April 2011

Steam (y) Day

No not what you were perhaps thinking!! Handsome & I had a day trip out to Chester via ways of a steam train - The Princess Elizabeth! You really cannot beat the sight and sounds of steam rail travel. Sitting in the carriage brought memories flooding back of when I was a little girl being so excited and perhaps a little frightened of the mighty roaring beast that pulled into my local station. I loved sitting near the window then as a child looking out at everything whizzing by at what I thought was "mighty fast". I sat by the window again and looked at out the scenery once more and everything was definitely "mighty fast". I was reminded of the poem "diddly dee, diddly dah, diddly dah diddly dee" etc., and played the poem over in my mind. The smells coming out of the steam stack never change and how I wish for those what seem to be now like halycon days. A Virgin train sped past impressive no doubt, but you cant beat a bit of steam, the engineering workmanship, the pride in the brass polished engine cannot be matched by any of today's train travel. What a great day!!

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