Monday, 14 February 2011

The Red Planet History in the making.

Just seen a feature on the tele about folks in training for when they actually land on the Red Planet (Mars); the special suits being made for it and so on - how cool is all this?? 

It propelled me back to my youth when I "was there" witnessing man first walking on the Moon.  It's one of those "I can remember just where I was days/nights" when history was being made.  I'd had special permission from my parents to stay up and watch it.  It was surreal, I remember before climbing into bed after watching the pictures as they were relayed on our black and white tele (the tele itself was a new acquisition for us!!) looking up at the moon and telling myself that there were now people up there doin stuff and I just couldn't get my head around this truly unique event, people up there like me and I'm down here going about my daily business. I hadn't fully understood I was part of "history in the making" at the time, but now appreciate just how momentous "that small step for man and giant leap for mankind" was.  Today space travel and all its relative adjuncts goes almost unnoticed in the World's Press. I fear we've become de-sensitised to such amazing feats of Space travel.  What a great world we live in and what clever people live on it, past present & future - I for one am grateful for those who think outside the box and the courageous ones who persist when others say "it just can't be done!!

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