Sunday, 28 August 2011


Have returned this evening to my favourite hotel in KL after a really great visit to Penang. Having spent time on business I managed to get some sightseeing in and what an amazing place Penang is or to be precise Georgetown Island off Penang. Full of history it's now a Unesco World Heritage site and although there's much to be done it's worth a visit if you want to go somewhere different. Its famous for its food a

nd that's undoubtedly true after what I've experienced this weekend. I visited a tea plantation too in the Cameron Highlands way up in the mountains and yes another great experience. I can't begin to tell you what a beautiful country this is. I saw the most beautiful orchids growing wild by the roadside and some of the most stunning flora and fauna I have ever seen in the wild. Meanwhile check out some of the food, rickshaws and sites I saw attached here.

And in case you're wondering No I didn't try the Fish Head Curry or the Frog Porridge - both favourites in Penang!!

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