Monday, 22 August 2011

A busy Day in KL

Its 10.30 now back in my hotel room after leaving it at 9.00 a.m. this morning for business meetings. The day filled with all types of work involved delights including an amazing mid day meal with a new found Malaysian colleague who has a birthday today, the most delicious scrumptious food, pasta followed by Pastries that just melted in the mouth UM UM!! I bought two and have brought them back to the hotel with me. One is a scrummy cheescake made with Mango and the other a delightful chocolate concoction yet to savour!! Pics tomorrow unless I eat them first.

I'd eaten sufficient but then another business contact invited me out for a meal with his wife and family already too full it seemed impolite to turn him down particularly as he is a new client who will be taking 30 teaching students for his fantastic new boarding school which is about to open. Expecting a light meal I was faced with a humoungous Tai meal with too numerous an amount of dishes to mention!! Oh life is so tough - Lord help my tummy to expand just a little more for tomorrow I'm to be taken out to a Korean restaurant and my skirt is a little tight around the waistband tonight!!

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