Sunday, 21 August 2011

Singapore Shots

Just to round off your days (or its nights for me actually) viewing a few Singapore Shots to brighten your day.
These are the Chinese Drumming group they were superb followed by 1) The Chinese Mooncake Stallholders complete with Chinese Lanterns; 2) Check out the menu at the Singapore food court and no I didn't go for the Pig's tails, 3) Me and Mr. M and M making out for the day - what a smoothie pardon the pun 4) The Lolly tree which to choose which to choose, 5) The Singapore view from my hotel room complete with Mosque in Johor Bahru 6) Me and the Singapore Symbolic "Melion" and

Finally look closely for the ants that bit me cos I got too close with the camera - revenge was sweet!

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