Friday, 19 August 2011


No. 1 son 30 tomorrow where has the time gone? First time I think not been there for his birthday and its a special one. Should be "skyping" to wish Happy Birthday - how strange technology is - wasnt even thought or heard of when he was born, now we have IPods., Mobile phones as thin as paper and computers you can put in your pocket, wonder what will be on this planet in another 30 years time - hopefully me - just?!! Will I be writing on a "blog" then or will I have lost me marbles and just be a machine or will a machine be typing it for me - mind boggles?!!

In this country where I am today - will the rain forest's last remaining strongholds still be here - doesn't bode too well by all accounts and will the last Orang Utan have long since died out? I hope not for the sake of my grandchildren that are here and the grandchildren that my son may have one day will be able to see them in the wild still.

I must write down my life story it will all seem so different in a 100 years time!

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